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Nối tiếp những văn hoá uống cà phê độc đáo ở các nước Việt Nam, Ý, Cuba, Pháp, Thổ Nhĩ Kỳ, Ai-len, Mê-xi-cô và Úc ở phần 1. Mời bạn cùng Real Bean Coffee tiếp tục điểm qua những nét thú vị về văn hoá uống cà phê ở các quốc gia trong phần 2 này nhé. Bạn đã đoán được đó là những quốc gia nào chưa?

Continuing the unique coffee drinking cultures in Vietnam, Italy, Cuba, France, Turkey, Ireland, Mexico, and Australia in part 1. Let's take a look at some interesting coffee-drinking cultures in countries around the world with Real Bean Coffee in this part 2. Can you guess which countries they are from?

1. Greece - Hy Lạp

  • Made in 1957 by Dimitris Vakondios - an employee of Nestlé - due to a lack of ingredients for making coffee

  • He poured coffee powder and cold water into a blender and let the machine dissolve the coffee powder in cold water

  • It is a summer beverage that is loved by the whole country of Greece to this day

2. HongKong - Hồng Kông

  • The combination of coffee and black tea or milk tea brings a very unique flavor to this drink

  • To add more flavor to Yuanyang, people add some fresh fruit

  • Hong Kong people believe that tea is cool, coffee is hot, so this combination will bring balance to the body

3. Germany - Đức

  • A combination of black coffee, rum, sugar, and full cream milk

  • The drink was preserved and circulated widely, partly because of its unique taste, and partly because the German people wanted to pay tribute to the pastor Georg Bleyer

  • Germans often enjoy coffee with Káekuchen (cheesecake), Sahne (fresh cream), or Apfelkuchen (apple pie)

4. Brazil

  • Coffee comes in a small cup, filtered, and served very hot

  • At gas stations, you'll find a coffee machine and small mugs next to it for self-service

  • In Brazil, coffee beans have a more natural bitter taste, so people here will receive a sweeter coffee than the inherent bitterness of coffee

5. Finland - Phần Lan

  • Kaffeost is understood as "cheese coffee"

  • People use a type of dry cheese - juustoleipa, which is put directly into a hot cup of coffee, like a sponge

  • When enjoying it, you will feel the fat in each frozen cheese, combined with the sweet taste of hot black coffee

6. Portugal - Bồ Đào Nha

  • The name of this coffee comes from the fortress of Mazagran in Algeria. During the war of 1840, between the hot weather in North Africa and the lack of sugar and milk, using water and ice to make coffee, this drink was born

  • A sweet iced coffee made with espresso, lemon, mint, and sometimes rum

  • Now this drink is very popular in Portugal

7. Senegal

  • Prepared by blending Arabica coffee. Coffee beans are infused with cloves & the spicy taste of Guinea pepper (dijar)

  • Usually served hot with sugar, you can buy it at tangana, street food kiosks that are open all night

8. Morocco - Ma-rốc

  • The barista will add cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves, black pepper, and nutmeg, on top of the French press coffee

  • Interestingly, Coffee in Morocco is often made at home instead of in coffee shops

9. Spain - Tây Ban Nha

  • This drink represents the Canary Islands in Spain

  • Consists of 1 layer of condensed milk, then Licor 43 (a liqueur of oranges, tangerines, vanilla, herbs, and spices), espresso, and a layer of milk foam, topped with lemon zest and cinnamon

10. The Netherlands - Hà Lan

  • This is a brewing method that dates back to the golden age, Dutch coffee is brewed with cold water instead of hot water

  • Dutch coffee is hardly oxidized so it is easy to enjoy the delicate fruit flavors

  • Has less acidity and less bitterness than hot coffee brewed with the same beans

Hành trình của cà phê quả thật là một hành trình kì diệu! Loại thức uống này đã đem mọi người xích gần lại với nhau hơn. Văn hoá pha chế và thưởng thức cà phê chắc chắn không dừng lại ở đây mà còn sẽ được con người tiếp tục sáng tạo và phát triển. Hẹn gặp lại các bạn ở các bài viết khác của Real Bean Coffee.

The journey of coffee is truly a magical journey! This drink has brought people closer together. The culture of brewing and enjoying coffee certainly does not stop here, but will also be continuously created and developed by people. See you in other articles of Real Bean Coffee.




Giống như hạt cà phê hành trình xây dựng thương hiệu của chúng tôi sẽ tiếp tục phát triển và ngày càng hoàn thiện. Cùng với người nông dân Tây Nguyên, Real Bean Coffee sẽ đem những sản phẩm cà phê đặc sản đến từ Việt Nam ra thế giới. Hãy đón đọc các bài khác của Real Bean Coffee tại:

As the coffee beans, our branding journey will continue to evolve and enhance. Together with Central Highlands farmers, Real Bean Coffee will bring specialty coffee products from Vietnam to the world. Read more articles from Real Bean Coffee at:

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